2013 Films

The Grand Seduction Canada Don McKellar Ken Scott, Michael Dowse Barbara Doran, Roger Frappier This feature film openly adapts the charming Quebec comedy known in English as Seducing Dr. Lewis to our island shores. Starring a dream-designed cast of local and international stars and showcasing the gorgeous coastal landscapes of Trinity Bay, The Grand Seduction is bright, funny, smart, and saucy.
A Walk in the Woods USA Tess Martin Tess Martin Tess Martin It only takes a minute but you’ll be magically transported to a place of familiar enchantment. Nothing like a walk in the woods to get the imagination going.
Home Ireland Aoife Kelleher Rachel Lysaght A short, ludic, beautiful documentary about how our childhood homes have shaped our lives. Six different voices fill the screen with memories of their past, each bringing personal account of the place. Some memories are, of course, more charmed than others, but each speaker has a claim on the truth of experience. Images of home are syncopated in graceful harmony with the voices. The result is a highly aesthetic, contemplative study of home. There’s no place like it.
Meshkanu: The Long Walk of Elizabeth Penashue Canada Andrew Mudge Andrew Mudge Andrew Mudge, Robin McGrath This is a beautiful short doc tribute to the persistent vision of Innu elder Elizabeth Penashue. WEll know as a fiery protest against unfettered development of the Big Land that is home, she is also a grandmother and example to the next generations. Annually she embarks on a three-week walk to her ancestral land near Muskrat Lake. Living close to the land, she demonstrates the value of so much that is yielding to larger global forces. All NALCOR execs more than welcome.
Courage to Remember: Stories of Our Labrador Residential Experience Canada Navarana Igloliorte, Shirley Flowers Navarana Igloliorte, Shirley Flowers We welcome this rare film from the people of Labrador who share their experience with the residential school system. It’s hard that anyone ever thought it was a good idea to wrench Native children from their parents and communities to ship them off to North West River for an education. Resistance was futile and so these youngsters endured a harsh and loveless environment which eventually estranged them from their own families. With the courage to remember, many of those children, now adults raising their own families, share their experience with each other and the sympathetic patience of the camera. Painful as it is, the act of remembering does bring understanding and, importantly, an unburdening of shame.
My Mother, the Nazi Midwife and Me Canada Jane Hawtin Gina Roitman, Jane Hawtin, Jason Acton Jane Hawtin, Gina Roitman This is a totally gripping tale of a daughter’s search for the truth of her birth and survival. The journey takes her to the German town of Passau, where she was born, where Hitler once lived and trained Nazis to enact in his Final Solution. This is filmmaker Gina Roitman’s story and it’s as powerful as it gets. Her mother told her the horror did not stop with the end of the wa. It persisted in DP camp where newborn babies were systematically destroyed. How could that have been true? Roitman’s quest is to prove her mother’s story right or wrong, and so in the end the daughter learns why she lives to tell the tale. This powerful doc is a form of reconciliation.
Partly Cloudy Ireland Mark Cogan Mark Cogan Amanda Ferriter This is the second film in a trilogy by filmmaker Cogan. This film is a wry, hilarious look at fiona and her struggles being a bridesmaid for her highly demanding sister, Gillian. Don’t let the title fool you--there are bright skies ahead for Cogan and his films.
Soup of the Day Canada Lynn Smith Alexander Ary Lynn Smith, Marcy Page Does your partner insist on sending back the food in restaurants? Do you embarrass easily? Do you lover her anyway? Amazing, isn’t it? With chanteuse Susie Arioli’s voice, yummy, the result here is slurp and delicious.
Role Play Canada Alex Epstein Alex Epstein, Lisa Hunter Christina Broccolini, Alex Epstein, Max Walker Nothing here is what you expect. Boy meets girl in a bar, the rest is bizarre, until it isn’t. You’ll soon get why this powerful short is getting festival attention. The title’s your clue, but the riddle remains to be seen.
Ending Up USA Paige Morrow Kimball Paige Morrow Kimball Kathleen Minogue Keagy, Jenica Bergere, Paige Morrow Kimball Lots of surprises here in this charming short comic drama about how to cope when husband is just too bored to stick around. And so it is that a divorce party with the girlfriends takes an unexpected turn. It’s all about starting over in the middle, aided by a bucket of chicken wings.
Another Man Canada Leah Johnston Leah Johnston Leah Johnston Mmm, now here’s a slice of provocative filmmaking, a short narrative essay on the vicissitudes of breaking up, or falling for another, or looking for perfection...well, you decide. Which state of being is this? One thing is for sure. You’ve been here before. We all have.
Sweetieface Canada Mark O'Brien Katie Boland Mark O'Brien, Katie Boland Our first visual in this film is the back of a young man’s head, which is appropriate for a film about a man who just can’t show the woman with vodka sodas his true self. A relatable and true story about a young man and a young woman who explore every aspect of relationships except their own desire for one another--he does so haltingly and cautiously, while she fakes bold--Sweetieface is gorgeously shot and expertly added.
They Wore Pink Canada Terry Miles Terry Miles Terry Miles, Kristine Cofsky We all know marriage can be risky business but oh brother, this gorgeous and suspenseful little film gives a whole new meaning to family drama. Certainly, nothing is quite as it seems when a woman meets a man outside a wedding. We can’t say much more without giving it away, so you’ll have to see this through to the end for yourself.
Impromptu Canada Bruce Alcock Ed Riche, Bruce Alcock Tina Ouellette, Annette Clarke, Michael Fukushima This film conjures the elaborate preparations for a spontaneous dinner party. Wine is poured, onions are chopped, laughter and music fill the air, but the course of true love can be strained by the pressure of one person cooking. We’d say don’t try this at home, but that's the whole point.
MooseDate.com USA Sam B. Friedman Sam B. Friedman Sam B. Friedman In this animated short, Morris is a large awkward beast, preparing for a hot date with an Internet hook up as he stumbles from one near catastrophic task to another. Will the evening turn out for the better? Well, you know what they say about males with big antlers, don’t you?
Village at the End of the World UK/Denmark Sarah Gavron, David Katznelson Sarah Gavron, David Katznelson Sarah Gavron, David Katznelson The end of the world, in this case, is Niaqornet in North West greenland. The fish plant has closed and the community is in awkward transition from the past to the harsh reality of now. Filmmaker Gavron immersed herself in this community for a year and so this doc is strikingly intimate. The film tracks a few characters closely in a world beset by extreme temperatures and startling beauty, but as Greenland’s ice sheet melts and the villagers turn their back on hunting one wonders whether this documentary will be a lasting legacy of a world that no longer exists.
Mary & Myself Canada Sam Decoste Sam Decoste Annette Clarke This doc is an animated tale of two Chinese Canadian women practicing their roles as “comfort women” for the Vagina Monologues. Sitting in the Mu Lan Teahouse in Halifax, Jia Tsu thompson and Mary Mohammed read their lines over and over, sip tea, and tell each other their own stories and experiences of war time. This film honours the thousands of girls and women from Korea, China, Japan and the Phillipines who, in the 30’s and 40’s, were forced into sexual slavery, proving “comfort” to soldiers in the Imperial Japanese MIlitary.
Buying Sex Canada Kent Nason, Teresa MacInnes Teresa MacInnes Annette Clarke This feature documentary explores the state of prostitution laws in Canada. Buying Sex captures the complexity of the issue by listening to the frequently conflicting voices of sex workers, policy-makers, lawyers and even the male buyers who make their claim for why prostitution is good for society. This film challenges us to think for ourselves and offers a gripping and invaluable account of just what is at stake for all of us. Sounds dry, but actually juices up your thinking on this complicated subject.
Micta Canada Elisa Moar, Meky Ottawa Elisa Moar, Meky Ottawa Wapikoni Mobile A short experiment in texture, sound, sensuality--in beauty.
Treaty Number Three Canada Danielle Sturk Danielle Sturk Danielle Sturk This short compelling piece features the remarkable work of Native artist Rebecca Bellmore. You don’t need a history lesson to understand the intent of the artistic act, but you will appreciate Bellmore’s work in an entirely new way, we are sure. When aesthetics are married to protest the result is quite extraordinary. Bellmore rocks it.
Spring & Arnaud Canada Marcia Connolly, Katherine Knight Marcia Connolly, Katherine Knight You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate the architectural beauty of this tribute doc to talented Canadian Spring (Hurlbut) and Arnaud (Maggs), the couple at the epicentre of this film. Very much collaborators in this film, they speak tenderly, insightfully of their love and purpose. 25 years apart in age, they made it work, and good work happened. Treat yourself to a stunningly crafted love story, set largely in the France they loved. The film is so rich and sensual you’ll smell the lavender.
Social Business, A New Path for Capitalism France Nicolas Jouvin Stéphanie Failloux Stéphanie Failloux A rare optimistic look at the future through the good work people are doing now. This highly inspiring doc both defines the concept of social business and demonstrates its appealing effects. Specifically, a team of French former bankers and profit-seekers bring their skills to villages in Cambodia. It’s a model for a hopeful future, considering the impossibility of our consuming endlessly into the future without sequences. Profit for profit’s sake got us into this mess, and produced the market-ethos of a Donald Trump and his ilk. Time to reboot the revolution.
Kindling Canada Amy Doherty Amy Doherty Elsa Morena A clever tale about being careful what you wish for, this film is about an elderly couple who happen upon the Fountain of Youth. This is Doherty’s first film, made through the NIFCO First Time Filmmaker’s Program, and it’s a huge success--it’s warm, alive, and insightful. We look forward to her next project.
Paper USA Ivan Kraljevic Elena Talan Daniel Shultz This well executed short drama about the search for legitimacy perfectly captures one woman’s desperation as she seeks a more permanent way to the land of her dreams. How far would you go to escape invisibility?
Moi C'est Julien France/Switzerland Kristina Wagenbauer Kristina Wagenbauer, Arielle Moens Kristina Wagenbauer You’ll admire the skilled naturalism of this short drama set on the murky waters of the Seine. A bunch of French friends are hanging out, talking and laughing and looking very cool in their inimitable French-casual way. Thier obvious comfort level is suddenly displaced, however, through a sudden encounter with a stranger. What’s remarkable here is the way a good film can execute so much social complexity through a strong script and some pretty perfect acting. This amuse-bouche is sure to cleanse your palate. Il est parfait!
Incident at Elysian Fields Canada Judy holm, Michael McNamara Judy Holm Judy Holm, Stéphanie Chapelle, Michael McNamara Ever wonder what happened to aging models? All the surgical work in the world doesn’t help anyone over 50 in that biz, let’s face it. The runway was meant for those who can pirouette without bunions. But some models refuse to fade away. They do fashion shows in senior residences. If that sounds depressing, don’t fret. A trio of skilled actors, including Mary Walsh, know how to take the stage when they have to.
Fireflies Cuba Tamara Segura Tamara Segura Juan Carlos Godoy Sometimes you just have to shed a little light on a tough situation to brighten up the mood. This charming short from Cuba about a harried Mom and her sensitive son is most illuminating.
Tales From Organ Trade Canada Ric Esther Bienstock Ric Esther Bienstock Ric Esther Bienstock, Felix Golubev This incredibly gripping doc is about the harrowing global phenomenon of trafficking in body parts. David Cronenberg narrates, and if ever there was a director who understood the complexities of the corporeal self then it was he. The film offers us a much nuanced portrait of the social nexus of the trade--the arguably well-meaning surgeons, as Asian poor who endure the torture of long waiting lists, the almost indifferent public and the conservative medical establishment. Prepare to think for yourself. That doesn’t happen every day.
The Pamplemousse Canada Jonathan Watton Mika Collins, Jonathan Watton Mika Collins, Sonia Despars, Marc Biron, Jonathan Watton Lovely short film about a girl from Paris (Ont) who encounters a gent from (new) France. Their random interaction has profound consequences. Filmmaker Watton mixes animation and live action to create an utterly wonderful landscape for the mind--and soul. La plume de ma tante, indeed.
Där Barn Jag Lekt (Summers Past) Sweden Sophia Bösch Sophia Bösch Anna Warfvinge This is a lovely moody tone poem of a story about Frida who takes some time alone in the woods to think about an important decision. Unexpectedly, the person with whom she shares the decision shows up, and so the rest is a delicate interpersonal choreography of Bergmanesque subtlety. Well, it’s Swedish, you know--and so it’s emotionally cloudy with meatballs.
Me2 Canada Martine Blue Martine Blue Sherry White Of course life would be easier if you could clone yourself. After all, you’re efficient and knowledgeable in your own affairs, you’re driven, you’re charming, you’re witty and good looking...but are you really so wonderful? Writer Margaret Moores is pretty sure she’s got it all figured out when she has herself duplicated. Inconveniently, her duplicate is a bit more fun than she is, and a better writer, too. Spoiler alert: this film is just as clever as its premise.
The Earthquake USA Danielle Lessovitz Danielle Lessovitz Danielle Lessovitz The catastrophe in question is the one that rocked haiti in 2010. Here the filmmakers focus on the displaced after-effects. A family, torn asunder and as skittish as hot peppers on a grill, have moved to Brooklyn, an urban jungle of unfamiliar sounds and tremors. This is a very effective and evocative short film that will make you grateful for terra firma, let alone terra nova.
Tengri Canada Alisi Telengut Alisi Telengut Alisi Telengut What a luscious experiment in animation this is. Lines, colors, sound--they all add up to an evocative expression of wind burial, a time-honoured approach to the cycles of life. It’s all appealing, both spiritual and sensual. Be prepared to be meditative.
The Tunnel (The Big Dirty Ol’ Hole) Canada Jordan Canning Kate Corbett Andrew Nicholas, McCann Smith, Laura Perlmutter This live action drama is the study of two people encountering the end of the season and the relationship that came out of it. Penny and Jerry, sitting by a tree, one has to go, the other’s not so sure. The tunnel of love never liked quite like this.
Douche (Shower) Canada Marie-Laurence Lévesque Marie-Laurence Lévesque, Guillaume Lambert Marie-Laurence Lévesque As in baby shower. Women meet and giggle and open presents and anticipate new life. Yet all might not be what it seems. Here we see the underbelly (sorry) of choice. Not everyone feels like celebrating when you get right down to it, one sister’s happiness might be another sister’s nightmare.
Distraction of a Stationary Nature Canada Shyra De Souza Shyra De Souza Shyra De Souza Perhaps it should be called Procrastination of a Stationary Nature. It’s pretty awesome what you can do when you have to write something and don’t really want to get started. Witty and fresh, this live action play with office supplies is a wonderful tribute to self-distraction. Don’t put off watching it.
The Pool Date Canada Patrick Sisam Patrick Sisam, Leah McLaren Michael Pratte, Patrick Sisam How do you spot the Canadian at a Caribbean resort? If the maple leaf towel doesn’t give it away, the goggles that scream nerd will. What would you do with him when you found him? This is as cute as it gets.
Hannah Arendt Germany Margarethe von Trotta Margarethe von Trotta, Pam Katz Bettina Brokemper, Johannes Rexin Most famous for coining the phrase “the banality of evil” to describe Adolf Eichmann and the events of the Nazi Holocaust, Hannah Arendt is here imagined as the writer who covered the the trial over a period of four years for the New Yorker. Harrowing archival film of Eichmann himself is intercut to lend veracity and chills to the proceedings. While Arendt was covering the trial she was also deeply involved with the highly influential German philosopher Martin Heidegger, still controversial for his own Nazi sympathies. What a pair of brainy thinkers. Someone had to do the biopic, after all.
Spring Equinox China Yinuo Wang Yinuo Wang, Yun Jung Lee Xiaolong Wang Set in 1990’s China, this film is all about a young girl who lives with her single Mom and rebellious sister. She dutifully attends school where all the nationalist dogma is hammered daily. But then a new teacher comes to school, a young guy who suggests other possibilities, other ways of learning. It’s very affecting. A half hour after watching it, you’ll want to see it again.
The Defector Canada Ann Shin Ann Shin Ann Shin Fearless director Ann Shin follows a guy brokering the escape of several North Koreans. Is he a human rights activist or a hustler? You decide. Either way, it’s all a hair-raising experience and even more astounding for the intimacy Shin manages to capture on screen. Viewers will find the journey quite exhilarating. The film itself is a chronicle of courage--that of the escapees and the filmmaker herself.
The Way to Nowhere Island UK/Denmark Kate McNaughton Kate McNaughton Kate McNaughton If you don’t yet know about Tamsin Osmond, this exciting documentary will ensure you never forget her. A force of change in the environmental movement, this powerful young British woman is hard to dismiss. The film follows her tactical moves to turn the spotlight on the cause, and you’ll recognize some of her most notable attention-grabbing stunts. But where does personal power end and vanity and self-interest begin? This do doesn’t judge so much as show us what it takes to get the message out in today’s noisy and indifferent environment. Afterwards you’ll either want to hug a tree or dress it up for a photoshoot in Vogue.
Presence Required USA/Spain María Gordillo María Gordillo María Gordillo, David Figueroa, Miguel Ángel, Fernández Belando A Brooklyn couple is experiencing a profound sense of loss. Seems their long-standing apartment presence, a ghost named Sebastian, has flown the coop. It’s impossible to replace him. Ghosts have become so demanding these days? Who knew they were unionized? It’s time someone made a film about the lighter side of haunting.
Terapia (Therapy) Spain Beatriu Vallès Javier Muñoz Pizarro Albert Grau Lopez, Teresa Rosado del Moral Emilia is grieving and withdrawn. Slowly, surely, a therapist of the physio variety opens her up and returns her to herself. This is such a lovely, sensual expression of discovery and transition you’ll find it as satisfying as an afternoon at the spa.
Tercera Oportunidad (Third Chance-Love) Spain Xudit Casas Xudit Casas Xudit Casas Watch and listen carefully. This is all about point of view, gesture, words, and how the slightest detail can change everything. A couple is trying to decide whether or not to end their relationship. The conversation goes round--and round. Have fun with this. You’ll only see it once.
La Boda (The Wedding) Spain Marina Seresesky Marina Seresesky Álvaro Lavin Totally charming short drama about a day that goes from and to worse, and then some. Mom needs to be at her daughter’s wedding but the boss won’t give her the time, the credit’s run out, and she needs a manicure. This short comic drama is also a slice of the contemporary Cuban experience, what you don’t see on the beaches of Varadero.
Ojos Que No Ven (What the Eye Doesn’t See) Spain Natalia Mateo Natalia Mateo Stefan Schmitz, María Zamora You won’t know whether to laugh or cry with this spirited short drama about a family suffering a loss or two on Christmas eve. Everyone is trying to keep some bad news from Grandma, and the family is in a bit of a whirl. Perhaps only the Spanish could play this for farce with so much gusto. Bunuel would have approved.
Jamón UK Iria Lopez Iria Lopez Casey Herbert We love this weird and wonderful animated tale about a teenage pig living in a Spanish town. He is the only pig in the family and so you can imagine how disconcerting that might be. Perhaps only a precocious student could have created something as original as this, an award-winning riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that is the tail end of the story. This winner really brings home the bacon.
How to Lose Your Virginity USA Therese Shechter Therese Shechter Therese Shechter, Lisa Esselstein There’s a lot to laugh about in this fabulous doc about the big V. Filmmaker Shechter takes her typically wry approach to a loaded cultural subject: the value of no sex in society steeped in promoting it. Apparently the US government has spent $1.5 billion advocating abstinence. Go figure. The filmmaker expertly weaves the personal and the political, illuminating the myths and assumptions behind the sign of virginity. Highly entertaining while teaching us a trick or two, this doc is bound to liven up your coffee conversations.
Cinephilia USA Leah Chen Baker Leah Chen Baker Leah Chen Baker What a loving, well-crafted tribute to the history of cinema this is. You don’t have to know camera obscura from a zoopraxiscope to appreciate the love of genre here. Almost all movie history has boy-meets-girl at its centre, and so plus ca change...plus c’est la même chose. And then she walked into my life dot dot dot.
Newcomers Swim, Every Friday Canada Meghna Haldar Shana Myara Meghna Haldar Did you know that the proportion of swimming accidents is greater in immigrant families? This utterly charming short drama takes the premise and dives right in. Aisha and her family are new to the new world and determined to adjust. No sinking, all swimming here, as Canadian filmmaker Haldar balances her subject most elegantly.
We Wanted More Canada Stephen Dunn Stephen Dunn, Margaret Lester Jennifer Shin This psychological drama comes to us from the talented folks at the Canadian Film Centre. A young artist is faced with a life-altering decision or two and sometimes the pressure’s just too much. What does it take to make it big? When does a gag become a gig? If you want more you’ll find more in this stunningly original short film.
The End of Pinky Canada Claire Blanchet Claire Blanchet Michael Fukushima Talk about accomplishment, this brilliantly realized exercise in film noir captures the flavor and mood of the popular genre, all set in Montreal’s dingy Lower Main. If those streets could talk they would probably never have the class of this animated film. The method is a stereoscopic and the effect most harmonic. Based on a story by Heather O’Neil who narrates the tale of a guy en route to where the sidewalk ends.
Fetch Canada Gwyneth Baillie Gwyneth Baillie Gwyneth Baillie Can’t say too much about this short comic drama without giving it all away, but suffice to say that his dog does tricks for lesbians. Relax, you can bring your daughters to this. Woof woof!
Sept Heures Trois Fois Par Annee Canada Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, André Turpin Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette Holy crap, this short near silent drama will shake you up. You’ll see what we mean. You just have to live it.
Talus & Scree Canada Ruth Lawrence Ruth Lawrence Krysta Rudofsky This is a lovely local drama that captures the heavy doubts of childhood. The title takes its inspiration from different sized rocks. These are, indeed, at the core of this beautifully wrought story about two sisters, and especially the one whose memory endures.
How to Keep Your Day Job Canada Sean Frewer Lea Martin Lesley Krueger This is somewhat of a brutal primer on just what the title says. !0 What this film with good humor. 2) Be grateful you don’t have to keep a day job like this, unless you do.
All the Wrong Reasons Canada Gia Milani Gia Milani Phyllis Laing, Tony Whelan, Gia Milani This fully entertaining feature film centres its interweaving narratives at a big box store where four employees at different rungs on the corporate ladder are pursuing their destinies. Each is suffering from some kind of trauma or limitation, and each yearns to escape their condition. Characters in this film are fully realized, flaws and all, and each earns a measure of sympathy and harsh judgement, each being far from perfect. There’s no denying part of the appeal lies in watching Cory Monteith in the role of James, a hapless husband in search of his version of happiness. This was one of Monteith’s last roles and so there is something bittersweet about seeing him perform so effectively on screen.
The Animal Project Canada Ingrid Veninger Ingrid Veninger Ingrid Veninger This feature film involves the cast in much of its improvised dialogue and plot line, the result being an affecting, spontaneous rush of creativity. Actor Aaron Poole plays a theatre director suffering personal and professional frustrations. He seeks a way out of this emotional impasse and hit on a wacky idea. His troupe will dress up in animal costumes and embrace or at least encounter the real world. Fresh and quirky hardly cover it, but this film will have you purring in appreciation.
Miss Todd UK Kristina Yee Frances Poletti, Kristina Yee Suzanne Mayger There’s ingenuity here on every level. This gorgeous animated film is a short, stop-motion, musical animation about the first woman in the world to build and design an airplane. There is something utterly magical about how the scrupulously crafted images of this tale pile up to celebrate Miss Todd’s own transformational mission--as hypnotic as flying was for the intrepid Miss Todd.
MyLovely Monster UK Ben Campbell, Carlos Salini Bella Hird This lively 12-minutes doc tells the story of two young actresses who make the cast of Glee look like slackers. Liz McMullen and Noor Lawson created their very own monster: MyLovely Productions--a theatre production company. The doc follows their journey from disheartened victims of the financial crisis to optimistic overachievers, finally staging their own first-class theatrical production and showing how it’s done when there’s not only a will but a creative way to professional happiness.
OMG Canada Siobhan Devine Roslyn Muir Siobhan Devine, Lucy MacLeod, Woojo Jeon, Roslyn Muir This short film will have u LOL. The 411 on this--it’s all abt POV. One generation has a cord phone, and the other texts: how can the 2 RL8? Made with TLC, OMG really earns its props. DNT miss it.
Best, April Canada Scott McCord Juli Strader, Priya Rao Juli Strader, Christine Tyson, Priya Rao We’re seeing more and more films about the consequences of communication. Texting is at once liberating and astoundingly confounding, leading to more misunderstandings than you can shake your booty at. Poor April, she falls harder than an investor in Blackberry.
Wind Money Canada Latonia Hartery Latonia Hartery Latonia Hartery The key words in this satisfying little drama are luck, fate, and newcomer. It’s a lovely little swirl of a tale about how quickly things can change when you’re down and pouty. St. John’s is a charmer here, even on a cold windy day.
Hannah Cohen's Holy Communion UK/Ireland Shimmy Marcus Lana Citron Rachel Lysaght, Shimmy Marcus Hannah is 7 years old, lives in Dublin, and all her friends are attending their first communion, dressed like little princesses and eager to be blessed. However, her name is Cohen, which means she belongs to the other tribe the one that wrote the Testament they call Old. They only communion Hannah knows is the festival meal at Passover. But where there’s a will there’s a feisty Irish girl who finds a way towards those awfully thin wafers. Utterly charming, this short is another festival favorite.
rid-of-it (FRAMED West) Canada FRAMED Participants: Stephen Evans, Jose Gonzalez, Tyler Herridge, Jonathan Lewis, Philip Power, Ernest Power Victoria Graham, FRAMED participants Jacqueline Hynes (Mentor) Margo (Morgan Mouland) has hit a crossroads, when friend-since-childhood Andrea (Jenn Furlong) arrives on the scene. This little adaptation says a lot about the big differences that can bring us together in spite of it all.
Dismissed (FRAMED Drama) Canada FRAMED Participants: Ethan Bickford, Mikaela Clark-Gardner, Kim Clements, Makayla De Souza, Tiffany Fraize, Taylor French, Emily Hepditch, Isabelle Riche, Sarik Shaikh-Upadye Brandon West and FRAMED participants ackie Hynes, Victoria Wells (Mentors) At school, Dennis (Jacob Keiley) and Susan (Erica Foote) cope with a profound change. A compassionate exploration of bonds that become harder to see, but guide us always.
Kids on Courage (FRAMED) Canada FRAMED Participants: Members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. John’s Victoria Wells, Eilish Mc Brearty (Mentors) The kids of the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. John’s brave the camera to share their most intrepid influences and experiences.
Up Against the Wall (FRAMED Doc) Canada FRAMED Participants: Jake Cutler, Antoinette Fekete, Janelle Hilier, Tracey McGuire, Chris Mullett, Holy Nelson, Ashley Rotchford, Heather Rumancik, Tamara Segura Peter Walsh (Mentor) This doc is bracing, daring and raw, and it was made by a group of people with little to no film experience. This film was made during one of our FRAMED filmmaking camps and the expertise of its mentor shines as brightly as fresh paint. Featuring candid interviews with a retired graffiti artist, a new artist, and the Mayor of St. John’s, this doc perfectly encapsulates the state of an issue that has some city councillors in a spray. Well done, crew.
The Passenger Canada Jacqueline Hynes Jacqueline Hynes G. Patrick Condon, Elsa Morena This dark and ambitious short is about a woman who carries, and then confronts, her troubled past. Beautifully shot, scored, and paced, this film gently and poignantly presents an intimate snapshot of one woman’s fear and vulnerability, and her strength to just leave it all by the side of the road and carry on. Filmmaker Hynes was the recipient of the RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award, which is administered by the SJIWFF and supports emerging female filmmakers in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Hold Fast Canada Justin Simms Rosemary House Rosemary House, Judy Holm, Michael McNamara Producer Rosemary House saw the filmic potential in Kevin Major’s novel of the same name. The 1978 Governor General Award-winning book centres on a tough but sensitive 14-year old from Newfoundland with a lot of growing up to do. the impressive film cast boasts Andy Jones, Des Walsh, Aiden Flynn, and Molly PArker, among others, who play roles borrowed from the kingdom where adults live. Newfoundland itself has a starring role--naturally. Hold Fast shimmers with tender loving care.
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