2010 Films

Still Rowdy After All These Years Canada Barbara Doran Barbara Doran Barbara Doran Who else could this film be about but provincial icon, national treasure, international star Gordon Pinsent? If you think you know Gordon, you might be surprised. The filmmakers show us the man and his many sides. Brilliant on stage, screen, and of course at a dinner party, Gordon has already lived at least twice the lives of most men. Indeed, a lifetime of cutting it up on stage and on screen has produced an unmistakeable identity. The title of this illuminating biopic stresses the unrestrained spirit that still inhabits the man, or is it the other way around? As this film implies, that spirit feeds heartily on this crazy island, Gordon’s steady source of nourishment. How lucky for is that he needs us so.
Red Ochre Canada Jerry Evans Jerry Evans Annette Clarke This stunning short film tells a complex story in the most economical way imaginable. Sometimes, you just want to let the images speak for themselves. This is the director’s own story about growing up Mi’kmaq in Newfoundland, with all the attendant conflicts and uncertainties of identity and culture to deal with. The film mixes archival and new footage in beautiful, complimentary, and fittingly colorful ways.
How Eunice Got Her Baby Canada Ana Valine Dane Clark, Linsey Ann Stewart Jordan Gross, Kristin Somborac This hard little gem comes with parental advisory. This is a bold, harsh fable about a young woman with starry dreams and a fair measure of hard luck. Livin in small-town Canada can do that to you. Flo is like a young Courtney Love, but without the benefits. Her life changes one night when a handsome bad boy walks into the groc & conf and holds her up at gunpoint. They have a much shorter ride than Bonnie and Clyde, and with no one to run from but themselves. Enter Eunice. Gordon Pinsent narrates in his typical whiskey-throated way--all velvet, no ice.
Proceed and Be Bold! USA Laura Zinger Laura Zinger Laura Zinger We adore this lively doc about the life and good times of letterpress printer Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. Kennedy is the spirited subject of his own inspiring life, one that engages with the past (printing presses) in order to confront the challenges of the present (racism, etc.). You know that a guy who once produce a health poster screaming “PIG OUT, DIE EARLY” has something fresh to say about a lot of topical things. The director chronicles Kennedy’s unpredictable journey in printmaking and performance. We’ve never met anyone quite so uplifting.
Trolls Canada Brianne Nord-Stewart Brianne Nord-Stewart Brianne Nord-Stewart, Kailey Carruthers This film explores the emerging awareness of sexuality from the hilarious kids’ point of view. We all have our memories of trying to figure out how Flange A fits into Slot B. Writer-director Nord-Stewart has the uncanny ability to capture the confusing exploration of that time, wonderfully embodied in the two munchkins who educate adults about where babies come from. It’s actually amazing that we ever figure it all out.
What Remains Canada Eva Madden-Hagen Eva Madden-Hagen Rebecca Sharratt The indomitable Sue Kent plays the role of a woman with both love and aggravation on her mind. Julia’s fiance seems lovely, her grandparents a little more troubling. Impatient as a princess, she is determined that her romance will follow a different course from the old folk. But a revelation in the family forces Julia to look at marriage from the softer side of life. Utterly graceful in execution and performance, this film is a little revelation in itself.
Four Sisters Canada Dana Warren Wanda Nolan Lynn Andews This powerful, edgy comic short is about not-so little women compelled to face each other. This homegrown little drama packs way more punch than a rum-soaked fruitcake. You know these women, you know that kitchen. This film is remarkably familiar, remarkably real. Congrats to the all female team for this lovely narrative gift.
Brad Canada Emily Bridger Emily Bridger Mark O'Brien If you think Pitt when you see this title then think again. This Brad has a long way to go on the road to hottie confidence. This well crafted comedy stars Doyle’s Mark O’Brien as the titular character. As Brad, O’Brien ably displays the range of his acting skills, here playing the role of someone who is trying to show office workers how, indeed, to play roles. As a profoundly uncertain motivational speaker, Brad is obviously seeking the pow factor he claims to know a lot about.
Cardboard Junction Canada Jacqueline Hynes Jacqueline Hynes Kelly Davis A small and steady study in tension, this film is a dark story that focuses on a young girl. Leia’s mother, whose profession is dubious and future even less certain, decides to pack up her La Senza drawer and head for the territories. This leaves Leia to confront her mom’s angry boss, for lack of a better word. With Hynes and her expert team guiding the action, you’re more than guaranteed satisfaction.
Do I Come On Too Strong? Canada Brenda Kovrig Brenda Kovrig (Songwriter Lisa Lambert) Brenda Kovrig We love this snappy award-winning musical treat starring well known actress Tracy Dawson as the horny gal who raises musical question. No, girl, you could never come on strong enough for us.
L’Hybridée Canada Julie Corbeil Julie Corbeil, Manuel Alix-Suprenant Julie Corbeil A charming and imaginative essay about identity. Manuelle Alix-Surprenant talks to us sweetly and directly about the challenges of growing up adopted and Korean in a francophone Quebec-based family, albeit a loving one. Locating your biological origins doesn’t necessarily settle the identity question, though. However she thinks of herself, you’ll like what you see.
That’s Right Diana Barry--You Needed Me Canada Dayna McLeod Dayna McLeod Dayna McLeod Clear your throats and follow the bouncing ball. This witty ditty asks many musical questions, many of them centering on sexually ambiguous Anne Murray and perennially longing Anne of Green Gables. Performance artist Dayna MacLeod dares to deliver amusingly shocking monologue on the subject of girl-on-girl crushes, lesbans and their Moms, and, well, taboos of lust and longing. Trust us; you’ll laugh, you’ll sing.
Little Accidents USA Sara Colangelo Sharon Barnes Sara Colangelo This film centres on a rather desperate factory worker who is in for a big surprise. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Rosa reacts to a possible pregnancy with alarm and despair. Director Colangelo expertly captures the emotional intensity of such an experience, showing the situation in all its intensity without judgement and without phony endings.
Lucky Girl Canada Alexandra Grimanis Alexandra Grimanis Alexandra Grimanis A provocative short film about memory, truth, and the power of recollection, Lucky Girl raises more doubts than it solves. A woman pieces together fragments of feeling and flashes of an experience from her youth to shape a narrative about sexual predation, Was she indeed lucky, or just imagining the past that way?
Knock Off UK Roseanne Flynn Roseanne Flynn James Levison From the UK comes this terrific short drama about teenage pregnancy. The art of storytelling was rarely better captured than in this perfect little film about a young woman named Jude and her well meaning Dad named Michael. Why we like it; it’s superbly acted, economically short, emotionally intelligent. Hey Jude, don’t make it bad; take a sad song and make it better--and so she does.
Touch USA Jen McGowan Colin Pink Emile Hanton, Jamie R. Robinson, Philip Lott, Jen McGowan Two women, a train station: that’s all you need, if you know what you’re doing, to produce a bouquet of dramatic intensity. This film is essentially about an encounter between two women, sure, but watch those close ups, look at those edits, and learn from this fine and flawless example.
Tuesday Morning (Martes Por La Mañana) Spain Cheli Sanchez Cheli Sanchez Juan Francisco Sanchez And you thought Mondays were bad? Sometimes we have to err really badly before we can set ourselves right again. Poor Mr. Spanish Office Guy thinks the world has shafted him and so he calls the boss and gives him a good amusing piece of his addled mind. Well, you have to see how it all plays out to appreciate the brio behind the bravado.
The Cortege (El Cortejo) Spain Marina Seresesky Meridional Producciones Marina Seresesky From the sunny kingdom of Spain comes this dark comedy about a grave-digging guy named Capi. He’s a sweet guy but it’s hard to keep your spirits up when your day job is all about prepping the last terminal. Enter Marta, a widow who tends to her late husband’s grave with the tender loyalty of a saint. Is love possible among the ruins?
Get Hooked! (Engánchate) Spain Irene Hernanz Judith Alzola Irene Hernanz, Laura López The title is lost in translation since the Spanish original, Engánchate, conveys the sense of hooping up. And that’s what our hapless hobbyist attempts in this short witty comedy on the folly of letting someone else do matchmaking. It's comforting to know that Madrileños don’t seem to have it any easier than the rest of us.
About Bieito’s Death (Sobre A Morte do Bieito) Spain Xudit Casas Based on Rafel Dieste’s story of the same name Carmele López, Natalia P. Rodrigo, Xudit Casas Another piece of intelligent whimsy from Spain, this entry captures the magic realism of its celebrated source material. Rooted in the superstitious lore of Galicia, the story reflects the regional inventory of Catholicism, ritual, romance, and death. Colorful, witty and as clever as a Michael Crummey dive into the heart of folklore, this film has chills and thrills galore.
Dish--Women, Waitressing & the Art of Service Canada Maya Gallaus Maya Gallus Justine Pimlott For anyone who has ever waited tables, or anyone who has ever been served, this is the doc for you. Filmmaker Gallus takes us to many corners of the world to probe her theme. Some things are universal: women are treated less seriously than men in the industry in general. She also explores the spectrum, from low-end diners to and Hooter-happy establishments to high-end dining where the food is so fine they wouldn’t even dream of letting a woman serve it. The yummy film will delight and surprise you. With luck, it might humble you into never sending back an order again. Remember, waitresses are people too.
Life With Murder Canada John Kastner John Kastner John Kastner, Deborah Parks, Silva Basmajian This masterpiece documentary accomplishes an intimate portrait of a family living with tragedy. Jennifer Jenkins was murdered by her brother over a decade ago, a savage act that changed the family forever. The long-term question is, can the convicted murderer ever overcome his violent act and will the family be able to take him back? The answers might surprise you, as with the unfolding “plot” of the murder itself. This film paces itself like a Hitchcock thriller, but the story and all its amazing twists and turns are actually true.
Music From the Big House Canada Bruce McDonald Erin Faith Young, Tony Burgess Erin Faith Young, Jennifer St. John Stop--in the name of the blues. This film rocks with the talent of Canadian blues singer Rita Chiarelli, who takes us to the home of the genre, Louisiana, and, more particularly, the Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary. There she ends up making music with some of the nation’s most violent criminals. This is a hugely entertaining tour de force, just what we expect from this director and his risk-taking, camera-daring ways.
Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel Canada Brigitte Berman Victor Solnicki, Brigitte Berman, Peter Raymont This acclaimed doc by Oscar-winner Berman really strips Hef down to his essence, or at least as Berman sees it. Hugh Hefner is the willing, open subject of this affectionate, richly informed study of what has made the man tick. According to this doc, it’s one thing to showcase T&A for the masses; it’s another to change the world for good. The film wants you to think it all through yourself, even as it inclines on the side of the guy who likes to smoke a pipe.
Birthday (Födelsedag) Sweden/Poland Jenifer Malmqvist Jenifer Malmqvist Lotta Andgren, China Åhlander, Małgorzata Kotlińska, Marta Lewandowska This well-told story focuses on Sara who is preparing a surprise party for her wife Katarina’s birthday. Sometimes, special days invite special confessions, and so it is that KAtarina reveals some troubling information. Sara must deal with it, and she does so in part with the help of their daughter. Almost an object lesson in how to build drama through character, this film offers some of the most compelling eighteen minutes you will ever experience.
Esther & Me USA Lisa Geduldig Lisa Geduldig Lisa Geduldig Did you hear the one about the 40-year old Jewish lesbian comedian and the 80-year old Jewish resident of a San Francisco nursing home? One says, I feel as if you’re my soul mate. The other says, bring it on. This film tracks an amazing, generation-challenged friendship, clearly one destined to happen between two self-possessed, smart, witty women. This film could put a smile on the face of the grumpiest misanthrope.
Fighting Cholita (Zapaśniczka z Boliwii) Poland Malgorzata Lupina Malgorzata Lupina Malgorzata Lupina Just when you think you’ve seen it all comes a bunch of neat looking Bolivian women wrestlers. Forget the hot pants and high boots, though. These chicks wear braids and traditional dress of bowler hats and full skirts, all the easier for wrapping your legs around someone’s head. So just who are these women? This lively doc takes us right to ringside and beyond. We get a good peek at this cultural phenomenon as well as a vivid picture of the cholitas themselves. Lots of fun, gorgeous footage, and bumps and groans.
Roll Out, Cowboy USA Elizabeth Lawrence Warner Boutin, Elizabeth Lawrence This is a massively entertaining, lovely musical journey of a doc with Chris “Sandman” Sand, a cute wannabe cowboy who raps for a better world. The doc follows him as he tours the American West during the 2008 Presidential election. This guy embodies an independent, totally authentic way of being--curious, disarmingly honest, understandably concerned about the blue and red state divide in his home country. But just how does a kick-ass rapper speak to the Southern heartland? You’ll have to watch to see, but he sure puts the hip in hop.
Unearthing the Pen Uganda/United Kingdom Carol Slater Carol Slater This award-winning doc zooms in on a young Ugandan boy’s desire to learn. The problem is the tribal elders buried a pen forty years ago during the horrible Colonial wars, effectively putting a curse on the written word. Symbolic though it may be, the curse weighs heavily on the boy’s spirit, inhibiting his dreams and frustrating his ambitions. So how does one move from curse to cursive…?
Flawed Canada Andrea Dorfman Andrea Dorfman Andrea Dorfman This film is a homage to both the well plotted rituals of storyboarding and to the narrative arc of one woman’s quest for romance. As you might suspect from the title, the course of true love often encounters some bumps in the road. The director has a way with words, and when these are married to her vivid hand-drawings, they show the utterly transformative power of love.
Tabitha's Aquarium USA Margaret Laney, Jason Klein Margaret Laney, Jason Klein Margaret Laney, Jason Klein A bit of an oddball, Tabitha believes her touch is lethal, and so, working as a taxidermist takes care of the problem, or so it would appear. But Tabitha’s boss is the equally odd Wade, whose living flesh and blood challenges her limits of restraint, and her own emerging interest in this nutter of a boss. You’d have to look hard to find a quirkier story than this one.
Still Birds (Alle Fugler) Norway Sara Eliassen Sara Eliassen Henrik J. Henriksen, Sara Eliassen This dystopian drama challenges audiences to construct meaning where so little of it seems to exist. A tour de force of storytelling, this film is an uncanny and gorgeous experiment. Take a world on the verge of disappearing, a bunch of young people who have lost or forgotten their language, and see what comes of it. Theatrical, inventive, suspenseful and astonishing, this film is a haunting short with long impressions.
Rhonda's Party Canada Ashley McKenzie Christine Comeau Nelson MacDonald This lovely short film comes to us from Cape Breton, as familiar thespian Marguerite McNeil plays Rhonda, who the very picture of uncertainty when she hears about the death of 100-year old friend Margaret. The party at the nursing home has long been planned, the balloons are full to bursting, the cake has been iced. What then, is one to do when the birthday girl is no longer around to enjoy the celebrations? This poignant short packs a lot of meaning about youth, aging, hope, disappointment, and ultimately resilience in a short few minutes. The beat goes on, indeed.
Not Over Easy Canada Jordan Canning Jody Richardson, Jordan Canning Sam Pryse-Phillips Whoever said you have to break some eggs to make an omelette hasn’t seen this highly imaginative short fantasy about love and second chances. This film is a delightful visual pun of a comedy wrapped up in an egg carton.
Gabrielle Canada Stephanie Weber Biron Stephanie Weber Biron Stephanie Weber Biron In a retro looking attic full of intriguing objects, a little girl discovers a praxinoscope. She observes with great interest the animate images of a ballerina on this fascinating object which stimulates her vivid imagination. The animated image of the dancer transforms into a real dancer seen before an ever-changing background that transports us from Paris to Montreal in a surrealistic magical world.
Happily Forgotten (Kolef Asabres) Israel Galia Oz Galia Oz Galia Oz, Anath Kandell The title of this provocative doc might strike you as oxymoronic. But the truth is there are lots of people who do what they do without any interest whatsoever in what anyone else think about them, and care little, they ever get noticed. Such was the case of Asher Feldman, an Israeli painter who shunned the maddening crowd. Now his aging daugher ponders what to do with the hundreds of canvasses that have never really seen the light of a gallery wall. The situation raises interesting questions about moral responsibility. Does the rest of the world deserve to see these magnificent works, or is the painter’s original intention to keep them from the masses best honoured?
Paul Quarrington: Life in Music Canada Bert Kish William Laurin Judith Keenan The man was larger than life but unfortunately couldn’t outrun it. This highly entertaining doc manages to capture the full measure of the man--novelist, screenwriter, painter, composer, musician, husband, father, teacher--in the last defiant months of his life. Clearly music fed his soul, sustaining him to the end. The film is a happy occasion for celebration, a truly remarkable legacy of one of the finest artists this country has produced, and a fitting tribute to the man who well understood the music of whales.
River of Rain Canada Elizabeth Zetlin Marlene Creates Marlene Creates A record-breaking rainstorm inundates Blast Hole Pond River, leading Newfoundland environmental artist Marlene Creates to follow the Earth’s water cycle. This video poem explores the ability of human consciousness to be in two places at once by interweaving Create’s involuntary internal thoughts with her perceptions of the river itself.
The Formation of Clouds (Formation des Nuages) Canada Marie-Hélène Turcotte Marie-Hélène Turcotte Marc Bertrand This film follows the steps of a young girl in the midst of transformation, clearly delineating that odd moment when one is no longer a child, but not yet an adult. Using the simplicity of pen and ink drawings with graceful superimposition effects on glossy paper, the filmmaker succeeds in capturing all the nuances of this transitional stage, in which the ingenious wish to remain a child accompanies the yearning for self-discovery. With grace and sensitivity, this short film becomes a visual poem that plays out at the frontier between reality and imagination.
Hang in There Canada Leslie Supnet Leslie Supnet Leslie Supnet A nightmarish animated short about a young couple who come to the aid of a troubled bear and unknowingly release its innermost demons.
Fair Trade Canada Leslie Supnet Leslie Supnet Leslie Supnet A young woman experience heavy nostalgic trauma, as she purges herself from the maternity of her past, this film is a story of one woman's quest for a psychedelic transformation.
The Collagist Canada Amy Lockhart Amy Lockhart Amy Lockhart This charming and humorous animation is a collaboration with artist Marc Bell. This film focuses on Bell’s hands as he assembles one of his works. This dynamic two dimensional piece incorporates drawings, paper cut-outs and looped animations.
Ikwé Canada Caroline Monnet Caroline Monnet Caroline Monnet The re-imagination of the generational passage of traditional knowledge between a woman and her grandmother Moon.
Prairie Soliloquy Canada Mandy Cmoc Mandy Cmoc Mandy Cmoc A documentary-style animation about growing up in the Prairies. Interviews, archival photos and footage from the 1920’s reveal the fascinating stories of Saskatchewan’s past through the eyes of the filmmaker’s grandparents.
Rhizoctonia Canada Genevieve Robitaille, Sébastien P. Francoeur Genevieve Robitaille, Sébastien P. Francoeur In a colorful and grotesque universe, a couple cultivates indifference.
Out On A Limb Taiwan, USA Daisy Yu-Chuan Lin Daisy Yu-Chuan Lin Daisy Yu-Chuan Lin In search of freedom from the struggle against conformity, one little bird reaches out, leaving its flock and heading into the unknown.
Crows and Branches Canada Millefiore Clarkes Millefiore Clarkes Millefiore Clarkes A meditation on the movement of nature--the evening ritual of thousands of crows congregating in Charlottetown, PEI.
Le Labyrinthe Canada Sabrina Ratté Sabrina Ratté Sabrina Ratté A voyage into the mysterious.
Ooh La La Canada Sharon Katz Sharon Katz Sharon Katz A little bit of sensual non-narrative.
Year of the Carnivore Canada Sook Yin-Lee Sook Yin-Lee Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss, Trish Dolman This film is an unusual comedy about an unusual woman in our unusual times. Cristin Milioti stars as the hapless Sammy Smalls, a well-meaning young woman who lacks both confidence and experience, one having very much to do with the other. Milloti is brilliant in the role, allowing the director to spin her like a to. If ever a movie were designed for a festival like ours, this be the one.
La Chair de Ma Chair France Mallory Grolleau Mallory Grolleau Alice Gueguen It’s a dark and stormy day and Lolotte, her husband Patrick, and her father seem to have been stranded in a cabin in the wilderness. With no food, and not a sign of help in sight, the couple decide they must take matters into their own hands. A gruesome horror plot with a comic twist,this little fable about bad intentions is an object lesson in black humour.
Cocculinellidae France Géraldine Fréry Géraldine Fréry Alice Gueguen This quirky French short features a charmingly eccentric couple who lived in a garage, somewhere near Paris. They sleep in an old car and have more funny instruments than Pee Wee Herman has in his playhouse. A set of mysterious love letters keep arriving under their door, interrupting their otherwise childlike bliss. The mystery gets solved, but not without a lot of funny stuff along the way.
L’Homme Qui Dort France/Canada Inès Sedan Inès Sedan Ron Dyens, Aurélia Prévieu, Marcel Jean, Galilé Marion-Gauvin, Marc Bertrand A terrific animated psychological take about a woman whose husband never seems to wake up. Mmm, don’t get us started. Well, one day she meets a tall, dark, handsome stranger, effectively causing a crisis in the windmills of her mind. We adore this literally moving illustration of love lost and found.
Les Escargots de Joseph France Sophie Roze Sophie Roze Jean-Pierre Lemouland Sure, there are subtitles but come practice your French. You won’t want to miss this exquisite animated short that resembles a clever primal dream. Petit Joseph collects snails. The hobby takes him on a strange spiral journey through his own navel. See what life might be like when it’s inside out and upside down!
Where Did I Put My Memory? Canada Josh Freed Josh Freed Barbara Doran, Josh Freed, Rob Blackie This delightful doc concerns memory, its mysteries, and maddening lapses. This film interviews the experts while it shows us some gifted, competitive memorizers. It also reminds us of the way music has always helped us store vital information, from sailing around rocks to choosing the right foods.
Forget Me Nots USA Dempsey Rice Dempsey Rice Dempsey Rice This is a fascinating exploration of memory--short and long term. Experts explore the mysteries of our capacity to live in the present by carrying the past in our minds, and the consequences of not being able to do so for those whose memories have disappeared. As another expert observes, the hardware of our perception sure can fool us. This film is a wonderful collage of archival footage, lyrical impressions, interviews, and super 8 film stock producing a richly textured account of the richly complex nature of memory.
Urban Twirl Canada Martine Blue Martine Blue Martine Blue What happens when you mix three of our favorite ingredients: hooping, St. John’s in sunlight, and poetry? When, you get Urban Twirl, all around the circle. So many hoops to jump through, so little time.
The Ball UK Katja Roberts Bridget Deane Magnus Dennison Here’s a wonderful dramatic kid-centered short with a smartly adult sensibility. Set in Northern England it tells the story of a tentative relationship between two youngsters, Jack and Amy. This film is in fact a charming parable about perception and communication, the latter clearly helping adjust the former.
I Promise (Ne Mutlu) Turkey Berrak Bostance, Büşra Inalcik, Seher Sağlam, Emre Nallar Berrak Bostanci, Büşra Inalcik, Seher Sağlam, Emre Nallar Nefin Dinc Whatever they’re putting in the water at film school in turkey is working. This film is a smartly told short about the pledge of allegiance, a requirement of Turkish schoolchildren. The gap between the words of the pledge and the realities of three of these children is as wide as the Bosporus. The Turkish delight shows us just how creative the pledge to film school is, at least.
Kidnap USA Sijia Luo Sijia Luo Sijia Luo Well, this has to be the shaggiest dog-ate-my-homework story you’ve ever heard, let alone seen in all its glorious animated color. Now you’ll know why they call it KIDnap.
Little Thunder Canada Nance Ackerman, Alan Syliboy Nance Ackerman, Alan Syliboy Annette Clarke This animated short from the ace team at the NFB illustrates the humorous tale of Little Thunder on his journey to manhood. Inspired by the Mi’kmaq legend, The Stone Canoe, the film elegantly narrates itself through a perfect complement of images and music.
Shoes (Aykkabilar) Turkey Caner Apiş, Ekin Su Akdemir, Abdullah Koyun, Ali Bozan Caner Apis, Ekin Su Akdemir, Abdullah Koyun, Ali Bozan Nefin Dinc Three adorable little rascals in Istanbul have figured out a way to participate in the local economy. Let’s just say that in this lively joke one foot was washes the other. You’ll have to see it for yourself to get the sole of the punch line.
My Dream is Cinema (Benim Dumsum Sinema) Turkey Ayten Akan, Evin Sevgi Baran, Yeşu Beğtas, Gülsüm Sağlam, Kadir Kaya Ayten Akan, Evin Sevgi Baran, Yeşu Beğtas, Gülsüm Sağlam, Kadir Kaya Nefin Dinc Our dream is cinema too, and in exactly the same way as this Turkish success story. If the tiny village of Mardin can get it together to build an independent cinema for its appreciative citizens, why oh why can’t we? Somewhere over the rainbow these movie-loving people built their little temple of light, inspiring the rest of us to keep on dreaming.
The Screenplay Canada FRAMED Film Camp: Olivia Curtis Brown, Jonah Emke, Eva Gautche, Nathaniel Loman, Simon Marshall, Janine O’Reilly, Liam Penney, Stephanie Power-Howse, Haley Walsh Janine O'Rilley FRAMED Film Camp We’ve all been there, facing that looming deadline, staring at a blank screen; time ticking away with each flash of the cursor. In this film produced by the FRAMED Film Camp, filmmakers Linn Kristmanson and Jacqueline Hynes lead a team of aspiring young filmmakers on a five-day filmmaking odyssey chronicling one man’s quest for inspiration. The result is a charming and funny ode to the art of procrastination.
One Minute Shorts Canada FRAMED Film Camp: Katrina Stavila, Naiomi Noel, Amy Rose, Amanda Sweers, Leroy Hayward, Melissa Patey FRAMED Film Camp FRAMED Animation Camp partnered with The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery and menot Victoria Balsom to offer a week long stop-motion animation camp. The result is a collection of one-minute films which are sure to brighten up your day.
Route Taken, Roots Placed Canada FRAMED Film Camp: Mark Howard, Chris Mullett, Lindsay Kennedy, Alison Rideout, Erin Power-Granter FRAMED Film Camp Five young NL filmmakers meet with senior immigrants from India and Sri Lanka. Together the two groups bond while learning how to sculpt clay tiles at the Devon Craft Council. Then, while sharing traditional homemade foods from around the world, the senior immigrants tell the young.
24 Hour Film Challenge (October 16-17, 2010) Canada This is filmmaking bootcamp. The clock counts down during the 9th annual 24 Hour Film Challenge as a team of young filmmakers write, shoot and edit a short film in time to premiere at the 21st annual St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.
2D in 2 Days Canada This is our animation program for Junior High School students. Participants create a short film in just two days that will screen as part of the Youth Program at our 2010 festival.
Finding Farley Canada Leanne Allison Leanne Allison Tracey Friesen Filmmaker-wildlife expert parents Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison set out with their 2-year old son Zev on a cross-Canada canoe trip in search of their own Holy Grail, non other than novelist, conservationist Farley Mowat. Tracing Faley’s own well chronicled (if arguably semi-fictional) journeys, the family learns a lot not only about the controversial author but also about themselves and their relationship to this vast country. The images are stunning, the journey gripping, the subject fascinating: this land was made for you and me.
i was here before Canada Sadia Mir Sadia Mir Sadia Mir Filmmaker Mir explores her cultural identity in this probing autobio doc, a cinematic journey back to her parent’s country of origin, Pakistan. The trip is motivated by a quest for meaning, while it generates more questions than it could ever answer: did her parents make the right choice? What would life be like if they had stayed? What would she be like? Compelling and well-crafted, this film takes us somewhere we haven’t been.
I Was A Child of Holocaust Survivors Canada Ann Marie Fleming Ann Marie Fleming (Adapted from the book by Bernice Eisenstein) Michael Fukushima, Gerry Flahive This animated adaptation of a well-known memoir by Bernice Eisenstein is totally life-affirming. With the gift of humor and the wisdom of experience, Eisenstein narrates her own story about her search for identity. Filmmaker Fleming’s seamless drawings carry us through Eisenstein’s experience of trauma, second-hand. In many ways, the film distills the central issue of the memoir--the addictive nature of the Holocaust legacy. This is a shocking but important realization, brilliantly conveyed in this short masterpiece.
Anna's Adventure Australia Jessica Douglas-Henry, Anna Donald Jessica Douglas-Henry Jessica Douglas-Henry This gorgeous lyrical film is a gift from Sydney born Rhodes Scholar, doctor, medical researcher and cancer patient, Anna Donald, who invited the camera on her adventure with cancer. In a unique collaboration, Anna and filmmaker Douglas-Henry created a kind of cinematic meditation on the Big Questions. As Anna says in one of her eloquent blogs, having a life-threatening disease puts you into an existential frame of existence, open and more sensitive to the inner life than ever before. Moving and insightful, sensual and wise, this film is unforgettable.
Stepping into the Stream USA Barbara Klutinis Barbara Klutinis, Judith Brown (Poetry: Fall River and Yogini) Barbara Klutinis A river runs through this gorgeous film and a bunch of fascinating women step into it. Whatever you want out of life you can find by fly fishing, one wise angler notes, perhaps explanation enough for why the guys have kept the sport to themselves all this time. But women have come a long way in hip waders, as this beautiful documentary shows, appreciating the meditative, serene potential of the experience. You would be wise to take the bait and let yourself step into this film.
Act of Dishonour Canada Nelofer Pazira Nelofer Pazira Silva Basmajian This stunningly shot feature drama is set in the remote reaches of Northern Afghanistan,. As typical of the region, the young and beautiful Mena excitedly anticipates marriage to a man of whom she only catches furtive glimpses. Happily, the handsome Rahmat appears to share her excitement. Into this traditional setting comes a Canadian film crew, eager to capture the flavor and character of a world they scarcely understand. Their intervention might be well meaning, but it disrupts local custom and generates dire consequences of Mena. In particular, the female translator of the crew, Mejgan (played by the filmmaker), has an especially complicated role as the agent of both progress and destruction. Unforgettably vivid and moving, this film raises more challenging questions about Canada and Afghanistan than all the PBS docs in the world, challenging all our assumptions about East, West, and what happens when the twain meet up.
The Man of a Thousand Songs Canada William D. MacGillivray Terry Greenlaw, Jordan Canning Having faced the gale, the river of no return, and last chance avenue many times, Ron Hynes emerges here in this wonderful Western tale as a decidedly defiant survivor, a buccaneer of the spirit, the record man of choice. This richly textured film is nothing less than a St. John;s waltz of the spirit, a tribute to our iconic balladeer, the Atlantic blue man himself. Ron, a message to you from St. John's with love: you shine like diamonds.
Swallowed Canada Stephen Dunn Stephen Dunn Linda Dunn, Mark Bennett, Stephen Dunn Our very own Stephen Dunn won $15,000 at TIFF for his gorgeous, evocative film. This stunning achievement tells the tale of a grieving woman whose husband was swallowed by a whale. Haunting, striking, and powerfully imaginative, this film just reaffirms the fact that the kid’s in the picture. Mr. Dunn, we salute you.
Elling Lien