Meet our 2018 Feminist Youth Ambassador

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Kaelyn is a senior at Corner Brook Regional High School and is a member of the CBRH Feminism Club.

‘Some girls in the year ahead of me starting the club when I was in Grade 11. I joined because I wanted to learn more about feminism.’

Kaelyn says the club aims to teach students about feminism and equality.

’Feminism isn’t a bad word so we are trying to let students know and educate them about that. Feminism to me means equality of all sexes.’

Kaelyn says feminists in the entertainment industry, such as Emma Watson, inspired her to be more involved in feminism advocacy.

Kaelyn is now in her last year of high school and hopes to study dietary nutrition at Memorial University.

‘I’m excited for everything at the Festival! I don’t know what my favourite movie is, but definitely something in the horror genre. I like being scared!’

Find out more about our Feminist Youth Ambassador Program here.

Jenn Brown